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Photograph of worker, street art caricature of a woman and her hair

Street Artist & Muralist

Generative AI Animator

Comedy Writer

Projection Artist

Illustration for the projection artist Oddtoe showing a caricature of a man gazing into a bright lightbulb
The art of the built environment, a construction in with geometric principles

Geometric Art

Who do you…

See yourself as?

Looking for…


More humour. Less violence. More intelligence.

Original Stories Generated by A.I. & the Human Mind

How do you tell a visual story in this new age of generative A.I.? How do you push the boundaries of creative design into today’s goliath content channels like streaming and social media? How do create 100 stories worthy of Beatrix Potter, Dr. Seuss, or J.K. Rowling in a year?

That is what Oddtoe is tackling.

Generative A.I. will form a part of a new content creator’s workflow. Truth is, we don’t know which part. And we don’t know how much of this workflow will come from bots.

But one thing is for sure: It’s humans the audience — we’re trying to dazzle. And for Oddtoe, it’s the audience that we want to see laughing. The technology at that point is irrelevant.

How about some… 

Project designs?

Oddtoe specializes in 2d and 3d design. A multi-format designer, I work with 3D formats, generative AI, and analog art forms.

in a new way. Here are a few visionary projects leveraging spatial design and advanced visualization techniques.

Interested in… 


Oddtoe specializes in character design and illustrated storytelling. A multi-format visualizer, I work in animation and comedy.

The Oddtoe TV Show
See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia. Shoddy journalism and off-color commercials pepper this modern piss-take of today's media.
The Jackalope Factory
The calamitous story of the world's most beloved taxidermist is told in this comedic novella.
Wire Taps TV Show
In the future, our AI bot overlords entertain us with TV soap operas of humanities' conversations, secretly recorded since the Y2K bug.

Outside with the public…

Street Artist

What are the… 

Employee PickS-of-the-month?

These are personal pluck-outs from Oddtoe’s recent work. Each image was chosen by the artist, because of: 1) its innate stupidity – OR – 2) it sums up the Oddtoe tagline: “Confidently Absurd”.

More humour. Less violence. More intelligence.

Confidently Absurd

Where in the world?
Australia is home. The U.S. was home. Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia are frequent destinations.

What makes Oddtoe different?
Optimism, a ‘go-for-it’ mentality for comedic writing, and a unique style for illustration are what make Oddtoe different. 

New Window Designs for an Old Church

The Stained Glass Window Project

“…commissioning a church renovation took things to the next level with a 3D stained glass window design that’s anything but ordinary.”

Perfect for dinner guests with a dark sense of humor, this piece brings a fresh twist to…”
See the stained glass window designs »

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