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What is a Generative A.I. Artist?


    Generative A.I. art is great. However, it does come with limitations. The illustrations it creates are inconsistent. The images are fine for a once-off use. But brands and businesses have longer-term needs and a cohesive style to think about.


    In my career, I have been a political cartoonist, a puppeteer, a data visualizer, and a street artist. But my foundational skill is illustration. Since 2006, Oddtoe has been around the block, working for such organizations such as National Geographic.  


    The integration of generative A.I. art into content production is a massive challenge. How will one artist integrate generative AI into their workflows? How will the I.T. scale with different machine-learning algorithms

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 As a generative A.I. artist, I wear many hats with what I do at Oddtoe: art director, head of illustration, lead character designer, visual editor, or background artist.

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Robot design for comedy writer's page
An artist for a book or series

Visual Content

Image of a generative artificial intelligence animation character, a steampunk robot
A digital illustrator with a unique style


The roboticist and comedy writer Oddtoe's robot brand mascot
A consultant skilled in generative AI art
A generative AI artistis a thing. It's a job title now. is skilled in prompts & an expert in illustration.will tell better stories than your current agency.

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GEnerative AI Artist?

 Oddtoe uses a “hybrid” workflow, a combination of generative AI image generation, graphic design, & digital illustration techniques.

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(Oddtoe’s Generative A.I.-assisted illustration and animation series, 2023)

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The Human Mind with Generative AI Riding in the Sidecar

I’ve been an illustrator for over 20 years. For better or for worse, generative AI is the impact that has hit professional illustration.
I’m choosing to use it and ride where my illustration style takes the next few years of work.

I have to say I am impressed — impressed with the impact it’s having on parts of an illustrator’s workflow: on ideation, world-building, and art direction, in particular.

This age of generative AI will evolve artists quickly. And new illustration “gods” will come from the disruption.

This disruptive technology has accelerated the scale of illustrations produced per year. — And it’s all “hockey stick” growth from here out…

But notice this: how many illustrations on Midjourney have you seen in your favorite start-up’s branding? How about for your supermarket’s advertising?

Brands and businesses need to think about how they can create new imagery styles — and leave behind the gaudy era of business stock photography once and for all.

Illustrations are friendlier, anyway.  🙂

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