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Always faithful to the brief, but able to add extra touches when a bit of creativity is needed.


Why? See your prop designs, your production sets, or your animation assets in the round.

Props for Animation, Theater, & Film

Oddtoe doesn’t discriminate — here’s a prop designer & maker for whatever you’re into.

Assets by an Artist

With 3d prop making, you can get a digital file and the physical output as well.

A new production workflow for props, sets, and built environments

Digital Prop Designer & 3d Fabricator

Oddtoe is a generative 3d prop maker for...

Movie Props, Set Designs, & Props for Animation

From a client’s point of view, how does using a prop maker who specializes in digital models, generative AI, and 3d printing benefit you?

Glad you asked.

There are three main benefits:

One: What you see is what you’ll get. No surprises. This new generation of software modeling and prop construction is the best there is. And Oddtoe will keep you in the loop throughout the design and fabrication process.

Two: An almost infinite amount of prototypes to see. Not sure exactly what you want? This is where generative AI in 3d modeling really helps out. Oddtoe can output a dozen early images or prototypes.

Three: Speed. Because you, whether you’re a Prop Master, Set Designer, or Head of Production, are included in the process of prop design from the start, approvals are quicker. This diminishes the need for redesigns. And as everyone on a production budget knows, time is money.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Oddtoe works with clients all around the globe.

Prop Designer for Hollywood and Australia

Oddtoe is able to work remotely around your production schedule. Recently, Hollywood studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Sony Pictures have understood the need to source talent (and tax breaks) from Australia. Steamers like Apple+ and Netflix are also required to secure a portion of their content from the countries where their revenue comes from.

This is one of the many reasons prop masters, art directors, and production supervisors are looking Down Under, to Australia for expertise in design, filling job roles with talent with Aussie accents.

With a fully digital workflow, cloud-based connectivity, and a

beneficial difference in time zones,  Oddtoe services the North American market, specifically the entertainment industry’s epicenter in Los Angeles, California: Hollywood.

Domestically, the Australian movie, TV, and advertising industry is thriving. Backed by the Federal government, movie studios in the Docklands, Melbourne, on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and in Sydney, the need for prop makers, animators, and other artists has never been greater.

So tap into the talent in Melbourne. For those in LA, you can fly direct — only a 14-hour flight. Or you can contact Oddtoe now and source an innovative prop maker without the jetlag.

Questions for the


A prop designer develops concepts & designs for the props required in the production of a movie, TV show, commercial, or theater performance.

Prop makers specialize in creating and constructing props for the entertainment industry. Essentially, they essentially bring the prop designer’s concepts to life.

Of course, silly! Prop makers in Australia are particularly prominent in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Here there are heaps of theater companies, movie studios, & production houses. Most Australian prop makers also service events, movie, and TV productions in Asia, the U.S., and Canada, and Europe’s entertainment industry in England, France, and Germany (+ others).

Generative AI is often used in the early stages of concept and design. Gradually, the use of AI will grow into other areas of TV and movie making, including character design, background art, and animation.

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