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Creative Three-dimensional Design

    Trust the Human. Use the Intelligence


    “I am but a humble artist, driven by a relentless curiosity to explore and create. I invite you to embrace the extraordinary and join me on this whimsical odyssey through the realms of topiary, robotics design, comedic writing, and projection art. Together, let us ignite our imaginations and discover the wonders that await.”

    — ChatGPT’s crappy copy, 2023

    Humans are still superior. Especially in writing web copy. So that’s the first and last time I’ll trust generative AI to speak directly to you on this website. 

    Comedic writing is too much fun anyway. What generative AI will help with though are those monotonous and multi-team tasks that animation and large-scale visualization projects require.

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    Street Artist

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    The Oddtoe TV Show
    The Oddtoe TV Show
    See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia.
    See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia.
    Wire Taps TV Show
    Wire Taps TV Show
    Guiltily, listen to what the bots recorded.
    Guiltily, listen to what the bots recorded.
    Generative AI ismind-bendingly cool to see.the future of visualization.the most-powerful influence today on the future of design.

    Comedic Writer

    Generative AI Animator

    Photograph of worker, street art caricature of a woman and her hair

    Street Artist & Muralist

    Projection Artist

    Illustration for the projection artist Oddtoe showing a caricature of a man gazing into a bright lightbulb
    Kinetic Sculptor Oddtoe Image

    Kinetic Sculptor


    More humour. Less violence. More intelligence.

    Original Stories Generated by A.I. & the Human Mind

    The rise of multi-disciplinarian artists keeps rising. And the tools and technology that are available for use as an artist & designer are astounding.

    Oddtoe, in particular, likes to use light projection, a little bit of nature — topiary is an example — and a lot of influences from cartooning and children’s book illustration.

    The work is all comedic. The visual style is very direct, with characters staring at you with some undetermined goofy look on their face. 

    Caricatures in a detailed realism might be the design. Comedic — definitely — is the content.

    Oddtoe‘s typical clients on in art & design include digital sites that saw the “race to the bottom” (i.e. Canva design) ruin their user’s experience or worse: fail to stand out.

    In addition, global brands that have room for a flourishing and dynamic approach to illustration and animation like what they see.