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Natural Experiences

Mother Nature is the best product designer ever. We use her stuff in our stuff.

An Asset by an Artist

Few gardens like this exist. Yours will be unique and site-specific.

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3d Topiarist

Immersive Landscape Designer

Be someone different and have a garden to match. Oddtoe is a landscape designer, visualizing the next generation of public parks and residential gardens. Perfect for Instagram and designed for everyday enjoyment. See what an immersive experience can be.

Sculpt Your Garden

Topiary and a Future for Zen Gardens

Shaving shrubs into impossible shapes, blending greenery with metal, masonry, and robots, Oddtoe is an extreme topiarist, a creative botanist and landscape designer — all-in-one. Central to his art practice, Oddtoe’s topiary garden designs incorporate sculpture and projected light and animation into unique landscapes to achieve an awe-inspiring, ‘I haven’t seen this before’ effect. “I think uniqueness is important. I’m not here to create a rip-off Versailles garden. To me, an Oddtoe garden is whole new experience, getting as many senses as possible — sight, sound, smell — on their tippy-toes and begging to know what’s around the next tree.” I see gardens as immersive experiences. If I had to label or categorise the landscapes I like to design, three distinct types come to my mind: Zen, steampunk, and psychedelic.

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See multiple futures and enjoy yourself while doing it.

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Oddtoe Designs Botanica

Is there a suggested garden or park size?

No. The designs can be for intimate outdoor spaces or for large park experiences.

Is it just topiary that can imagined for my landscape design?

Topiary is an Oddtoe specialty. But there’s so much more that’s possible. Just ask.

Do you do public and private commissions?

Yes. Topiary for all. Oddtoe can work with your local contractors and landscapers to see the vision of the design through to launch.

As a topiarist, what are your influences?

Thanks for asking. 🙂 Certainly the classic French gardens. But the land art movement is an influence. Now artificial intelligence is my interest.

Live in a landscape like no other.


  • A prestigious Upgrade

    Oddtoe is a one-man garden design firm. Think: “architect designed”. Think: “…garden by Oddtoe” in the copy for your next real estate ad. 


    Three types of projects fit the sweet spot: public parks, children’s gardens, and private homes. 

  • A TOPIARiST’s Process

    Make it easy. Keep fun, creative, and professional. That’s the goal for every garden project and the goal I have for every client. 

America and Australia



World-class resorts around the world are looking for points of difference for their gardens. Increasingly, these resorts are locations where their guests can wander, get lost (both physically and mentally), and can unwind. Zen gardens, if you will. Zen gardens can be quirky. Meditate with humour, I say. My favourite ingredients for a meditative space are plants, light, sound, and creatures (still or kinetic sculptures). The full sensory packet, but designed in a beautifully subtle way.

Zen gardens are designed to mollify the mind. Here, auditory design becomes a key ingredient in my practice. Waterfalls, natural sounds — putting together a soundtrack for a garden experience is such a joy for a sensory designer.


The Case for Extreme Topiary in the Age of Social Media

” In the age of social media, holiday resorts, museums, city gardens, and large-scale real estate developments are all looking for that extra edge, a visual something that gets a visitor to take that smartphone out of their pocket and snap a picture. A garden design to enhance well-being is a start. But a garden design needs to be more. Today, it’s got to be bigger than life. It needs to be awe-inspiring.


The Landscape Design Process for a Top Topiarist

Whether it’s for a museum piece, a holiday resort, or for a private garden, Oddtoe creates innovative landscapes using the same creative process he devised for graphic design, data visualization, and 3d illustration. Visual research followed by sketch work then a phase he calls “doubtful cliff jumps”. “I ask myself how I can push the envelope in a particular field. I may not use a particular plant or design – it may be impossible. But I need to imagine something, however implausible. If it’s landscape design, for me, topiary starts it off. I think in shapes. Ways to create a moment of intrigue in what’s being seen and experienced. A good topiarist knows geometry. A great topiarist knows psychology!”


A Topiarist for Private Garden Design

Topiary for a country house, holiday home, or public park, an Oddtoe garden experience can activate a dormant plot of land and transform it into a three-dimensional, organic piece of art. With Oddtoe, plant science can be combined with data science; digital art can be projected upon a gorgeous landscape. To achieve something unique for your property, think of a garden experience designer who works in botany, industrial fabrication, lighting, and digital arts.

Questions about


Yes. Topiary is the equivalent of a leather jacket in fashion. That is to say: topiary is the epitome of cool.

Yes, topiary designs are best communicated via a 3d render. And generative AI in the landscape design process is playing a part.

Yes, Edward Scissorhands was a fictional topiarist.

Word on the street is that Oddtoe is the up-and-coming topiarist to look out for.

More humour. More beauty. Less human.


Topiary ismind-bendingly cool to be amongst. the future of park design.meditative for both the topiarist and topiaree.

Visualizing unique designs using one human & artificial intelligence.

A Class of Design Unseen Until Now

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