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Muralist & Street Artist?

If you’re looking for someone to tag your rival’s grandmother’s house, I’m probably not your guy. Other than that, I like to get out. 3d and odd campaigns to make the public laugh. Those are my interests.

What perks me up?

3d Street Art

Robot design for comedy writer's page
Humourous Blobs for the Public

Uncanny Scenes

Image of a generative artificial intelligence animation character, a steampunk robot
Moments of joy in the oddest of contexts

Alternate Facts

The roboticist and comedy writer Oddtoe's robot brand mascot
Public piss-takes, solely for laughs



 (Below: The Oddtoe series, “We Have Eyes on You” campaign, 2022)

Public ART campaigns

2023 is some great street artist doing some damn groovy work.

It’s the odd shit that I like, though. Keep a look out for this latest work. Of course, work-in-progress stuff will be posted when it gives me a laugh. 

Looking for your own


Who hires a muralist?

Some of the people who hire muralists are government councils, tourist bureaus, property managers, restaurants, schools, or retail stores.

A muralist is hired by those who want to beautify their property or by those who want to create a specific mood.   A muralist’s job is to bring clients’ ideas to life using color, space, and design.

A good muralist will be able to work within a budget and produce great results with minimal supervision. However, while working on a project, if there are changes in the client’s wishes or the scope of works expands unexpectedly, they may have to return with extra charges for the change in order to meet the client’s expectations.

How do you choose a muralist?

The best way to be sure that you’ll get good results from your muralist is to ask for references or recommendations and check them out thoroughly before hiring one. A good candidate will have experience, great ideas, and a portfolio of works done before.

And if you’re hiring someone for the first time, ensure that they know their responsibilities clearly, so there’ll be no issues regarding payment or delays on projects.

Muralist for Painting Murals on Walls, Buildings, and Farm Silos

Painting murals on walls, buildings, and farm silos is a specialized job that takes years to master.

The problem with muralists today is that they’re specialized enough in their chosen mediums. They can’t do everything from scratch, which means you have to hire multiple people to get things done right. This leads to delays and cost overruns for clients.

Oddtoe offers a comprehensive package of services at an affordable price point so you don’t have to worry about hiring multiple contractors or dealing with the headache of managing them all at once.


The Proud History of Muralists in Australia

Australia punches above its weight in the art world. And street artists and muralists lead the way. Thankfully, there’s a supportive culture at the Federal, State, and Council levels for large-scale commissions. A few well-known mural projects and councils in Australia come to mind: the King Street Murals, St. George Football Club, the Kings Cross Community Centre. Inner West Council, Wollongong Council, City of Melbourne, and the City of Sydney.

In addition, the Silo Art Trail project is a shining example of how rural councils have found the power of murals to activate country town’s cultures and economies. Numerous city street artists have plied their trades on the farm silos that decorate Australia.