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Who are the Best Animation Agents & Talent Firms

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Looking for representation for you and your animation? Wanting an advocate for an animated work in Hollywood? Or do you want to become an animation agent yourself? Then check out this year’s guide to the top animation agents in the world.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of animation agents at the pinnacle are based in and around Los Angeles, California. And quite a few work down the hall from each other inside the same talent agencies. Sharing client rosters and co-pitching properties, the stand-out agency is no surprise to anyone in the animation industry: United Talent Agency or UTA comes in as the top animation agency in the world. 

Boasting the “only dedicated animation” division, UTA knows something good is happening in the animation space.

In 2023, UTA agents working in animation signed deals with big studios such as Disney, Warner Bros., and Sony Pictures. In years past, talent from the UTA rosters has been involved in the great animation blockbusters of the early 21st century.

Independent animation agents certainly have stood their ground and put their case to be included on this year’s list. In fact, nine agents feature from 9 different agencies. Some of those animation agent have split out and created their own firms.

Not really an animator? But you do work in the animation industry? No worries. Some animation agents work in voice talent. Others represent writers, directors, and the technical crews that staff our favorite movies and TV shows. Check out the list below for agents dealing in Hollywood’s voice-over work.

So get your animated showreel ready, dust off your pitch bibles, and see who’s made this year’s list of the world’s top animation agents.

Without further ado, here are my picks for the animation animation agents & talent firms of the year. »

My Top 4

Who are the Top Animation Agents in the World?

Best Agency

United Talent Agency
Animator agents list names UTA top agency for representation for 2023
Beverly Hills, California

Best Agent

Anna Berthold
Top animation agents profile portrait by Oddtoe of United Talent Agency's Anna Berthold

Best Independent Agency

Gotham Group
Best independent agency for animation representation, Gotham Group
Hollywood, California
Best Independent Agent
Julie Kane-Ritsch
Animation agent Julie Kane-Ritsch's illustrated portrait by Oddtoe
Gotham Group

United Talent Agency (UTA)

Top animation agents profile portrait by Oddtoe of United Talent Agency's Anna Berthold

Anna Berthold


When your job title has the word ‘animation’ in it and you work at a major talent agency, you’re sure to appear on this list. But Anna Berthold tops this year’s animation agent list on merits and work rate alone.

Leading UTA’s animation division, Anna was instrumental in establishing Happy Nest, a joint venture between UTA and Stampede. Happy Nest is now a production company for animated kids and family content.

Representing at least 19 clients working heavily in the animation industry, including Joe Brumm, the Australian animator of Bluey fame, and Pierre Perifel, Director of Bad Guys, Anna has the industry’s current stars on speed dial.

Jason Burns


The client list of Jason Burns is also impressive. As an agent with UTA, as well, Jason Burns represents Joacquim Dos Santos Director of Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse, and Jorge Gutiérrez (Director of some of my favourite animated movies, including Maya and the Three and Book of Life).

Since I’m already name-dropping, I might as well list out Jason’s other clients. Kyle Balda and Robert Persichetti. So for any of you Directors-to-be of animated movies — Jason Burns is a name you’ll want to know.

Look at the output of just his clients in the animation business alone! The aforementioned movies + the Despicable Me series of films, The Incredibles, Wall-E 2, Toy Story 3, Shrek 2, and many more. Big movies with big-time animation talent.

Talent representative and agent Jason Burns of United Talent Agency (UTA)
United Talent Agency agent for animation, Andrew Cannava

Andrew Cannava


Rounding out UTA’s wide and deep bullpen of animation agents, Andrew Cannava is our third entry from the same agency. On the famous actor side of David’s business, he’s the agent for Elizabeth Banks. But don’t let the long list of thespians among his clients dissuade you from looking at David for representation. He’s the “guy” for such animators as Yarrow Cheney (Director of The Grinch) and Bobby Rubio (Pixar’s Inside Out and Incredibles 2).

Between David here and Anna and Jason above, it looks like United Talent Agency is the parking lot where you’d want to accidentally leave your animation showreel.

Verve Talent & Literary Agency

Verve Talent Agency partner Bryan Besser, one of the best agents for animation representation

Bryan Besser


As one of a trio of main partners, Bryan Besser has been building the foundations of Verve for over twelve years.

Strong in the animation space, Verve Talent has numerous figures producing the world’s best animation at the moment. ” …six of the last 12 Best Animated Film Oscar winners…” have been on their books and such names Meg LeFauve and Michael Arndt included.

David Boxerbaum

Partner — Los Angeles area

Another partner in the firm, David Boxerbaum also has deep roots in (or love for) animation. Recently working on the “Avengelyne” TV project, assisting in getting the graphic novel series to screens worldwide. This is the same “Avengelyne” with Margot Robbie attached to the feature.

Looking for someone with connections inside Netflix and Prime Video, David is a good one to know.

I personally love this article — anyone looking to ‘mine’ the great short stories of the world for new material is a natural thinker. Less sequels and better source materials for the next generation of stories. Graphic novels and illustrated books, especially.

Verve Talent Agent for animation David Boxerbaum, illustrated portrait by Oddtoe

Gotham Group

Julie Kane-Ritsch

Talent Manager and the Head of Animation — Los Angeles area

Julie Kane-Ritch fronts Gotham’s animation group. This is an interesting agency with an experienced leader focussing on animation projects. Gotham (and Julie) have sewn together huge deals for talent, including for the Spiderwick Chronicles (she served as a Co-Producer and an Executive Producer, 2008 & 2024).

Gotham itself has a lovely idea as to how talent is nurtured by agents like Julie. Sound different than your experience with your animation agent or how you manage yourself? Maybe it’s time to get in touch with Gotham then.

Animation agent Julie Kane-Ritsch's illustrated portrait by Oddtoe

Ritter Talent Agency

Teresa “Teri” Ritter

May 25th, 26th — Berlin, Germany (onsite and virtually)

Let’s stay in Germany for the spring and head to the capital for an art experience that only Berlin can deliver. Our second Art Department conference is again chock full of inspiration — and this inspiration is coming from the artists it includes in its programming.

First off, the location is a cool one. We’re in the Old Mint, on the banks of the Spree River. This is a communal artist space throughout the year in one of Berlin’s most eclectic neighborhoods.

Like its Rotterdam sister conference, the level of animated art that gets shown here will be the draw for this conference. The list of artists will be posted closer to the conference launch in late May 2024. Stay tuned.

Ritter Talent Agency founder Teri Ritter

Paradigm Talent Agency

Zac Simmons

Partner — Los Angeles area

Elevated to Partner in 2023, Zac speaks for animators inside Paradigm’s walls.

Zac’s clients have worked on shows like Sleepy Hollow, iZombie, Spongebob Squarepants, Mr. Pickles, and Unreal. That’s quite a spread.

Paradigm itself seems to be moving from strength to strength. So look at Zac Simmons and the folks at Paradigm when you’re next on the West Coast or at a random smoothie joint in L.A.

Headshot illustration of Paradigm Talent Agency's agent Zac Simmons

Annette Van Duran Agency

Illustrated portrait of Anna van Duran from the guide to agency representation for animators, 2023

Annette Van Duran

Owner — Los Angeles Area

You can tell a lot about your agent by the conferences he or she attends. Annette lists KidScreen, MIPJr, MIPCOM, and the World Animation and VFX Summit as the conferences she regularly attends. Nice. So those animators and visual storytellers who are slated to attend any of these animation conferences in 2024, look for Annette, either in the audience, in the backroom doing deals, or on-stage speaking.

Her clients have worked on projects such as Barbie, Superbuns, Phineas & Ferb, Sesame Workshop, Curious George, and various LEGO animation projects. Again, I like the vibe she is giving off.

Danis, Panero, Nist Talent (DNP)

Natanya Rose

Senior Executive Vice President of Animation / Interactive — Beverly Hills, California

My final animation agent of note is another exceptional one: Natanya Rose of DPN Talent. DPN Talent was founded over 20 years ago and works with  voice talent for promos, trailers, narrative, animation, interactive, and commercial voiceovers.

So if your voice is your talent and animation is your calling, Natanya is a stand-out in these two areas. Ever heard the voices of Mark Hamill, Ron Perlman, or John Ratzenberger in an animated movie or TV show? That’s a bit of Natanya’s work.

DPN Talent Agency's head representation for the animation industry, Natanya Rose

What Other Animation agents Are worth mentioning?

Am I missing a talent agent who works in animation and with animators? Contact me and let me know. I’ll look to update the 2024 animation agents’ list throughout the year and into 2025.

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