Robots are coming into our families. Weird, but inevitable. I simply design better experiences about them, with them.


Futurism in Figures

Robotics will take many forms this decade. Visualize what you see.

Roboticist as a Service

Inject a bit of creativity into the team, into the thinking.

Experiences to Come

Managing change is hard. Get help designing what’s next.

Hand-crafted in Australia

Oddtoe is a brand name in the creative robot design industry in Australia. It is a very small industry. But I dominate it.

Oddtoe is what you would call a creative roboticist. It’s fun to design a functional robot from scratch. However, it is far more resourceful to prototype and design via kits and generative AI. Robotic science and technology bring a lot to the process and workflow.

So that the human can be the true visionary.

Who the hell designed the world’s ugliest robots?

R2D2 & C3PO

Not me. That’s for sure.


Whether a movie world or a movable prototype...

Are these the questions you have?

Who Would Want Roboticist?

Who hires a creative roboticist?

Tech companies, movie companies, museums, start-ups, advertising agencies, & futurists to name a few.

Do you design robotics systems?

No. Poke around this website and you’ll see I hung out with the ‘art crowd.’ But I’ve been in tech for almost twenty years.

How does an artist think like roboticist?

Play. Create. Learn. Test. Fail. Repeat and practice.

What hats do you wear in a wider project?

Head of Design. A 3d resource. Designer for animated characters. Prototype artist.


In an era defined by technological advancements, the role of a roboticist has gained prominence. But what exactly is a roboticist? Simply put, a roboticist is a professional specializing in designing, developing, and operating robots. These individuals possess a unique blend of computer science, engineering, and artificial intelligence skills. Roboticists create robots for various applications, from manufacturing and healthcare to space exploration and entertainment. They work with cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning and sensor systems, to imbue robots with intelligence and autonomy. But for me, a creative roboticist is whatever I’d like to make it. A far more firm definition will soon be applied to this field of art.


Working with other roboticists, Oddtoe looks for the possibilities for creative expression in a robot’s form, movement, choreography, communication, and automation. Each of these possibilities can spark a thought or a direction for a piece of art. Many of these possibilities are, excitingly, unexplored from an artist’s standpoint.

Plus, a whole lot of human inspiration.


I want the robot that eventually pulls the plug on humanity...

…to be adorable, at least.

Image of a generative artificial intelligence animation character, a steampunk robot

    Creative robotics is what your project needs. Get in touch and let’s talk it out.


    Three types of projects fit the sweet spot: 3d design, animated stories, and vision work. 

  • A ROBOTICIST’s Process

    Yes, form and function and all that. But now the process goes, hand-in-hand, with a robot — a generative AI bot to create what I create.

Do You Work With Other Roboticists?

Robotics is moving so fast. Much faster than the art world. Oddtoe is there to catch the wake, so to speak, of the incredible work of the robotics community. To work alongside as humanity takes its best guess about how to work with these things. A creative roboticist isn’t the most important cog in this wheel, but I don’t see anyone else looking at making fun of robots, finding ways to let humans feel one last bit of superiority before the machines take our jobs and become our intimate partners ;).


What’s the Perfect Piece?

A robot is at the core of the idea. In itself, the robot is so interesting and intricate that I just need to imagine how it could be better, more interesting, how I can bring out features in the robot to the viewer. Could I place the robot in a different setting? Augment it somehow? Color or adorn it? What other forms can be brought to the party — projected light, kinetic sculpture, digital art?


What Idea Do I Want the Viewer to Have?

This is my favorite part of the creative process. Robots conjure up so much in the human mind: fascination, curiosity, fear, and I’d like to explore humor. Humor is a circuit breaker and let’s other deeper ideas possible once the viewer has let down their guard. It’s here that exciting possibilities exist, not all of which I can control as an artist. But I love that. Individuals will have individual takes on what I created and what I meant to convey.

That frees me up to not to have a point to my art 😉

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