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The Top 100 Comedians of All Time Will Be Bots

Is Generative AI creating half of your content?

Welcome to Content Visualization


    Generate 100 characters for a show. Design 100 sets for your comedy. Tell 100 stories.


    Generative AI when guided by one human is a quantum leap in possibilities.

  • New media channels

    Launch new content networks with the near-infinite creative engine that is generative A.I.

Think: Generative AI creating new 3d worlds and stories.

Studio Work

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    Illustration & ANIMATION

    Children’s books, documentaries, advertising campaigns, motion graphics, and more…

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    Three types of projects are the center of this company’s Venn diagram: Generative AI animation, original story creation, and original illustration.

Humorous tales from the Oddtoe studio

Original Stories in Animation

These are the comedies Oddtoe produces.

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    High-brow animation styles delivering lower-brow writing

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    Rom-coms that will jerk the tears right out of your audience’s head.

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    WEIRDly Wonderful

    Comedies set in unusual places with unique personalities

Would you fancy… 

A Universe of Comedy?

The Oddtoe TV Show
The Oddtoe TV Show
See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia.
See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia.
Wire Taps TV Show
Wire Taps TV Show
Guiltily, listen to what the bots recorded.
Guiltily, listen to what the bots recorded.

More humour. Less violence. More intelligence.

Original Stories Generated by A.I. & the Human Mind

The Top 100 Comedians of All Time Will Be Bots” — Oddtoe, 2023.

What do I mean by that? In terms of my personal preference, I’m curious to see what generative A.I. will come up with. A million more comedians cracking very funny jokes. More comedians, more laughter. And more laughter in the world isn’t a bad thing. 

I think generative A.I. can help in a positive way to address the current laughter deficit we’re experiencing in the 2020s. If our intentions are good.

Artist’s Statement »

In artificial intelligence, there are always permutations, glitches, and odd choices that get made in the stories, poems, and scripts that it creates. The algorithms are conjuring up millions of combinations of ideas with millions of influences.

It’s those glitches, those odd choices that are truly interesting.

Visualize those ideas into new stories.

Log stamp of Oddtoe, generative AI animator and artist