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Oddtoe doesn’t play it safe. The best character designers take risks and design on the edge.

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A character designer who can assist in creating intellectual property.

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First. Oddtoe designs characters with a sketch. Or several. The tools for designing characters are simply a pencil and a glorious blank sheet of note paper. Designing characters has changed so much in the past twenty years. Digital tools are certainly embedded now in a character designer’s process. Think: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate. Think of scanners and 3d printers. And now let’s drop in the ‘most controversial elephant in the room’: generative AI.

Personal influences of mine are Winsor McCay, Walt Disney, Charles Schulz, or Bill Waterson: a great cartoon character is a great personality, designed to be a part of a wider story. These illustrated or animated characters are the actors in their plays. Hollywood also asks them to be intellectual property (IP) and to be the next thing to entertain us across movies, TV, and video games. So if you or your company are looking for a unique character designer for hire for just these purposes, look no further.

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Types of Character Designs

  • Example of a 2d character design

    2d Illustration

    Traditional pen-and-ink or digital designs

  • Example of a two-and-a-half dimensional character design

    2.5 Dimensional

    Shaded in a way to feel more real

Bring to life a new style of character.


Oddtoe specializes in 2d and 3d character design. I love a detailed brief. I’ll take a mood board or other character sheets. And of course, a script is perfect to discover how a character is portrayed in writing. I’ve got a style for the design of characters. Realism isn’t my thing; big heads are. Have a look through my portfolio and you’ll get a sense of the style of character designs I like to conjure up.

Once I’ve settled on a character’s

physical design, I’ll often return to the drawing board. Settling for a Disney or Pixar cookie-cutter character isn’t going to happen on my watch, so I often add more detail and uniqueness to any second draft. I want to avoid visual clichés. Villains and the main protagonists of a story often get finer attention and here I often take on influences from other artists. First, as inspiration. Second, to make sure I’m designing a character that’s unlike anyone else out there.

Questions about


Absolutely. I think the best place to see my character design style is to check out my panel comics on Instagram.

Books, web series comics, video games, and projects where the character designer is part of a larger production like animated TV shows and movies.

The juicier characters are the stupid ones, the over-the-top characters, villains, nerds, the overly vain characters, and the ones that have a bizarre way of looking at the world. It’s not hard to get into those.

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