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Oddtoe continues on the tradition of Australian comedy and animation. Specifically geared to produce cutting-edge animated properties in addition to children’s fare and visual documentaries, Oddtoe is based out of Melbourne, Australia. With an additional presence in Los Angeles, Oddtoe straddles the best of both worlds: a top-skilled showrunner with the expanded powers of generative artificial intelligence.

The studio in Melbourne is dedicated to creating innovative animation and visuals through a combination of traditional methods and advanced technologies. Utilizing a wide range of tools, from motion capture to scripting software, Oddtoe renders comedic visuals with a unique style and sense of humor. With the use of AI, Oddtoe can also generate intelligent character designs and merchandising options

To further enhance the animation pipeline, Oddtoe has developed proprietary software called “Mirth AI” which uses deep learning algorithms to access a specific sense of humor. Oddtoe’s Mirth AI is paired up with a procedural 3d workflow to create advanced motion graphics.

Oddtoe’s pipeline of creativity is not limited to the studio’s own operations, however. The studio works in collaboration with other studios and companies around the world to create co-productions. By leveraging its technological expertise, Oddtoe has been able to create complex animated stories for both television and film while collaborating on projects with major international producers.

This round-the-clock and around-the-world collaboration allows Oddtoe to add its unique visual aesthetic and comedic vibe to productions from all corners of the globe.

And it starts in Australia.

Australia has the gift oftalented resources.strategic funding support.the English language and a shared culture.being in same timezones as Asia.

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 As a generative A.I. animator, I wear many hats for many other studios: art director, head of animation, lead animator, character designer, or background artist.

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Robot design for comedy writer's page
Ideation, Script & Bible Creation

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Image of a generative artificial intelligence animation character, a steampunk robot
Working with a team of companies, writers, & artists

Main Animator

The roboticist and comedy writer Oddtoe's robot brand mascot
A consultant for a studio or production

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