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 As a professional writer who thinks in skits, the idea that generative A.I. can be my creative co-pilot is awesome.
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 Oddtoe uses a “hybrid” method for comedic writing.
To be honest, generative A.I. is in its infancy for joke writing and comedic stories.

Take a look at the possibilities for both generative AI & my own abilities.
(Below: The Oddtoe-written series, “Wire Taps”, 2023)

Humor evolves. This new era will be a step-change evolution.

A Stream of Comedic Moments

The Venn diagram of Oddtoe is visualization, A.I., and humor. Comedic writing is bound to collide with ChatGPT and other generative platforms. Thematic structures, plot devices, jokes — there’s so much more to experience when an AI can contribute to the writer’s room. New types of stories set in different locations. After all, not every sitcom needs to be made in New York or Los Angeles.

If the writing is funny or if the idea generation coming from the A.I. is quirky, I’d be prone to use it. Working with generative A.I. is like working with a talented musician who wants to jam with you when you want to.

A generative humorist tends to a library

of comedy data, much like what is used to train an A.I. with the cartoons from the New Yorker. The personal hope is that —  with a personal algorithm and deep knowledge in observing the bot I’m working with — I can trust that my sense of humor is more or less used to train the model.

And the stepping stones to building a funny story will gradually build on one another. Gags will progress to comedic scenes and soon to fully-fledged stories that hold together, but generate a new type of comedy. Add to the potential to cost-effectively visualize this content, and one can see the fun that’s possible to design and animate.

Mirth for all.

  •  “Boutros Bourtos Ghali for TidyRoll®”, Oddtoe, 2022.   

The Works of a… 


The Oddtoe TV Show
The Oddtoe TV Show
See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia.
See a lost-in-time, satirical newscast from Australia.
Wire Taps TV Show
Wire Taps TV Show
Guiltily, listen to what the bots recorded.
Guiltily, listen to what the bots recorded.

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