The Experiential Artist Oddtoe

Oddtoe is an experiential artist, designing memorable experiences using visuals, sound, organic matter, data, and 3d fabrication.

Installation Artist

As the word suggests, it refers to artists who “install” something three-dimensional into something else. This can include small–scale and large-scale installations, often site-specific, designed to foster some relationship elements with its special environment. Inflatables are becoming popular in this domain for its ability to scale easily without needing much resources. Oddtoe ensures a level of intimacy is created between the art and its viewer to evoke strong emotions.

Creative Roboticist

Oddtoe employs robotic technology in its artwork so that it is programmed to respond to audience communication with the help of actuators, sensors, 3D printers, machine learning and software programs. The scope of this contains experimental robotics, retrofit robots, and mechanical art.


As an environmental architect, Oddtoe artist aims to design experimental gardens, landscape design and topiary. The scope can include but is not limited to Zen gardens, resort themes, botanical gardens, botany museums, educational and health institutions promoting nature and sustainability studies and so on. Our expert garden engineers are capable of converting a plain looking dull patch into Instagram worthy, interactive and intuitive topiary.

Kinetic Sculptor

Sculptures have a major role in adding a tangible, conceptualized element to an experiential concept. Oddtoe designs customized sculptures in coordination with other elements like light projections or even kinetic art (3d sculptures with motion elements) to add more depth to its perception. Oddtoe works with public grants to be able to serve community development and other meaningful concepts like sustainability.

Projection Artist

Oddtoe merges real-world environments with amazing light and motion displays. This can be in the form of light shows on constructions which serve the purpose of scale and attraction. The content of the projection can range from gizmo to natural environmental patterns depending on its concept and purpose. The lights will be complemented with synchronous sound systems to strengthen the impact.

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